Quad Conversations

Find out where a conversation could take you
Quad Conversations is a new informal mentoring and networking initiative that pairs graduates together from all over the world to help diversify your connections and grow your network.

Graduates are paired regardless of degree or location. You’re encouraged to have an initial meeting online via Zoom and share your career path stories, knowledge or study experiences.

It’s completely up to each pair whether you decide to continue the connection with future meetings.

If you live outside NSW or Australia, we will try to connect you with someone in the same state or country to help you grow your local alumni network.

Have questions?

Read our frequently asked questions below and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re here to help.

Phone: +61 2 9036 9222 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, AEST)

General information

Quad Conversations is a program that matches participating alumni from the University of Sydney with each other, regardless of their school, faculty, or graduating year. It's an opportunity for alumni to connect, learn, and build a strong community.

Alumni who register their interest in Quad Conversations will be paired with a fellow graduate using their preferred email address.

We’ll do the initial introductions, and then it’s over to each pair to organise a time and place to connect (virtually or in person).

The pairs then have the opportunity to engage in conversations, share knowledge and skills, and build connections.

All University of Sydney alumni are encouraged to participate, regardless of their location (interstate or international) or graduation year.

Quad Conversations can take place through various platforms, such as video calls, phone calls, Zoom calls, WeChat or in-person.  

We recommend participants can use the technology they are most comfortable with.

Quad Conversations foster connections and relationships among alumni, creating a more interconnected and supportive community that extends beyond traditional networks.

Matching process

Participants are matched at random, ensuring a diverse range of connections across different schools, faculties, and graduating years. 

No, the matching process is random to encourage diverse connections. This ensures a broader range of perspectives and experiences.


As a participant you can choose how often you would like to participate in Quad Conversations. We recommend each quarter to gain the most out of the experience. 

Each time you would like to be paired up with a fellow alum, complete the EOI form here.

The time commitment is flexible and determined by the participants. It could be a one-time conversation or an ongoing engagement, depending on mutual preferences.

We’d love to hear how it went. Please complete the Post Quad Conversations survey here

If you have any photos/videos from your Quad Conversation that you would like to share, please share on your socials using the hashtag #USYDAlumni. 

Follow USYD on social media to see pictures of other Quad Conversations; 

While we suggest the first meeting be virtual, if you and your fellow alum would like to meet in person, you are more than welcome to.

For your safety, we suggest you meet in a public location (e.g. at the University of Sydney, a restaurant, coffee shop, etc).