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Student Innovation Challenge

Students to present their innovative solutions to real-world problems
2020 winners announced.

The Student Innovation Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for University of Sydney students to present their innovative solutions to real-world problems. 


Interdisciplinary Innovation Prize

One of the most common complications of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy, which affects one in three diabetic patients, and it is the leading cause of blindness in working-age adults.

iCARE is an innovative app that has the potential to achieve ocular self-management and improve the clinical efficiency of diabetic retinopathy referral procedures. Realising this concept is inherently innovative as it requires multidisciplinary collaboration between Engineering and Medicine.

By taking the advantages of mobile health and retinal cameras, iCARE is expected to facilitate care coordination and prevent diabetes-associated visual loss.


Team members: Rui Gong Master of Health Technology Innovation, Xueying Yang Master of Health Technology Innovation, Zhanpeng Tang Master of Health Technology Innovation

The prevalence and impact of money laundering on both an Australian and global scale is proliferating at an upward trajectory.

Criminals are becoming smarter, more efficient and increasingly difficult to trace. Our team, Anti-Artifice, proposes that this exacerbating concern can be reduced through the implementation of a Deep-Learning AI fraud detected system utilizing a Champion/Challenger Methodology.

We believe that our strategy would not only save billions of dollars of criminal transactions in the global banking industry but also reduce attrition rates of criminal activity and as such, deter and increase accountability if such activity continues to occur in the future.


Team members: Ayoan Salim Sadman Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronics), Charlie Sharpe Bachelor of Science (Physics & Mathematics), Megan Mirchandani Bachelor of Arts (History), Nick McGarry Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Silpa Sreekumar Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Banking)

Research Innovation Prize

CROSS (Calculated Reference Of Stellar System) is a new-generation star tracker system for use in small-satellites being developed within the University of Sydney School of AMME in collaboration with CUAVA.

Star trackers provide high precision attitude determination for satellites, however current technology is prohibitively large and expensive for the growing small satellite market. CROSS aims to combine innovative and novel research to develop a competitive and accessible star tracker platform.

Simultaneously, this will grow Australia’s space capability through Sydney University researchers and students.


Team members: Joshua Critchley-Marrows Master of Philosophy (Engineering), Dominic Albertson Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical Engineering) and Bachelor of Science (Advanced), Julian Guinane Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical Engineering) and Bachelor of Science (Advanced), Diploma of Language Studies, Benjamin Jarvis Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical Engineering) and Bachelor of Science (Advanced), Matthew Suntup Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic Engineering) and Bachelor of Science (Advanced)

Most patients awaiting heart transplantation globally will have a life-saving artificial heart pump called a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) surgically implanted.

All of the external wearable components that keep the pump running must be carried in a body-worn bag 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My research has shown that elegant and lightweight carry bags for female VAD patients do not exist.

The VAD Purse has been designed for the unique needs of female VAD patients. The bag converts from a shoulder-style bag to a backpack in less than 30 seconds providing more ergonomic and balanced weight distribution.

Team members: Jessica Lea Dunn, PhD (Design Innovation)

Start-Up Prize

Compass is a digital transport management platform. We aggregate speed and volume data from public and private vehicles making it easier for city planners to gain network-wide sophisticated insights.

Users can view traffic data for any road, any time, instantly.

Team members: Emily Bobis Masters of Commerce/ Diploma of language studies, Harrison Khannah Bachelor of Design Computing, David Lee Bachelor of Design Computing, Angus McDonald Bachelor of Economic/Bachelor of Arts

Young women’s journeys into STEM are arduous, alienating, and uncertain. That’s bad news for everyone. Enter, Poppy.

Poppy’s profiling technology understands user’s interests, how they like to work, and shows them perfectly suited career destinations. Poppy helps to create clear pathways and goals, creating an understanding of how each destination aligns with what matters to the user and fostering a sense of belonging and efficacy. With Poppy, the incredible women carving their own paths into the world of STEM are given clarity, inspiration, and confidence.

A world where women have clear pathways into STEM is a better world, for everyone.

Team members: Isabelle Kohout Bachelor of Advanced Eng.(Mechatronic Engineering) / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Gabriel Raubenheimer Bachelor of Advanced Eng. (Software Engineering)

Judging panel