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Illustration of "Raising the Bar Sydney" against vector graphics of Sydney skyline and the University's Quadrangle

Raising the Bar

At Raising the Bar, our researchers swap their labs and lecture theatres for some of Sydney's best bars. You can now listen to the podcasts from this year's talks.

From airlines and Quidditch to some of the greatest films and business innovations, the pub has been home to its fair share of aha moments. That's why we host Raising the Bar Sydney – because we believe that education and innovation shouldn't be restricted to the classroom. 

At the University of Sydney, we're passionate about the power of education and new ideas to change our world for the better. At Raising the Bar, we transform our city's bars into classrooms so you can learn about the innovative research being done by our brilliant academics. Researchers take the stage to discuss diverse topics from 3D printing human organs, the politics of Eurovision, and animal conservation. 


Catch up on previous year's talks on SoundCloudiTunes, or your favourite podcasting app.

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