Desert in space

The end of time: the future history of the universe

Co-presented with the Sydney Institute for Astronomy and the School of Physics
Join us for a cosmic journey through space and time, through galactic collisions and hyperactive black holes, and onto the death of the last star.

Will there forever be stars in the sky? Will humanity roam the cosmos for eternity? Just what does the future hold for our universe?  Onward we will go, tracing out the future history of our universe, into the ultimate darkness and mystery that lies ahead. We will confront the universe’s ultimate fate in a featureless “heat death” where no life can thrive, but will also explore the potential for a glorious future in which our universe is born anew.

This event was held on Thursday 16 August 2018 at University of Sydney, as part of the 2018 Sydney Science Festival.


Professor Geraint F Lewis was born and raised in Old South Wales, and completed degrees in London and Cambridge before undertaking research in Canada and the US. He moved to Australia in 2000 and is now professor of astrophysics at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy at the University of Sydney. His research focuses on cosmology, gravitational lensing and galactic cannibalism, all with the goal of unravelling the dark-side of the universe. He is co-author of A Fortunate Universe: Life in a finely tuned cosmos, which examines why the physical properties of the universe appear to be just right for complexity and life.

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