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The power of inclusive filmmaking

People with disabilities need to play essential roles in film creation

Genevieve Clay-Smith has channelled her passion for social justice and desire to equitise the film industry into the practice of inclusive filmmaking. Hear about Genevieve's creative approaches and her innovative work with Bus Stop Films.


There is currently a movement towards diverse representation in film and media in front of the camera, but just as important is representation behind the scenes. More focus must be given to providing opportunities for people with lived experience of disability, to tell their own stories.

Join award-winning filmmaker Genevieve Clay-Smith and emerging filmmaker Ricky Kremer as they discuss inclusivity in the sector, which sees people with intellectual disability and others from marginalised communities co-create short films and at the same time gain education and pathways to employment.

The speakers

Genevieve is the co-founder of Bus Stop Films, a globally innovative organisation that is transforming the film industry by providing film studies education to people who are obstructed from engaging in the mainstream film industry by societal barriers. The result is high-quality creative output that is also an instrument for social change. 

Ricky is an emerging filmmaker currently studying the accessible films studies program at Bus Stop Films. Since starting with Bus Stop at the beginning of this year, Ricky has been involved in various filmmaking projects, he recently finished co-directing a documentary called What Was It Like, a short film which explores the language medical practitioners  use to inform parents about their child's diagnosis of disability and in many cases the negative impact this language can have on families. He recently secured a place in a competitive attachment program with Taste Creative and has been working on a variety of commercial film projects with the company. 

Event image: supplied courtesy of Bus Stop Films

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