Contribute to student equity

Create an impact in the best way you can
The University of Sydney is committed to cultivating a student community which is stronger because of the diversity of our students' backgrounds. By generously providing support, you have the opportunity to break down barriers and open a world of possibilities for talented individuals experiencing disadvantage.

Donate to scholarships and bursaries

Help students unleash the power of education

Scholarships and bursaries offer talented students who may not have the means to afford higher education an opportunity to pursue their potential.

Express interest in volunteering

Share your skills and experience with our students

We know the value of supporting students with support at each phase of the student journey. Through mentoring and knowledge sharing volunteers play a pivotal role in helping our students flourish.

Share your story of achievement

Did a scholarship or bursary help you to achieve your potential?

Help us to inspire future students with your story of achievement. What role has the University played in your life? We would love to hear where your journey has taken you.

Share a message of support

Receiving a message of encouragement can be a great motivator for success

Every message shared by our university community is passed on to our students, helping to show them their university is behind them. What advice or strategies helped you to succeed?