Primary school teachers program

Make real change in your classroom teaching
Gain exposure to new and exciting approaches to teaching integrated STEM curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6.
Three people taking part in a STEM academy experiment

The primary school teachers program inspires teachers to pursue their interests in science, mathematics and information technology, and to pass on that inspiration to their students.

In particular, the Academy will:

  • introduce and support exciting and effective approaches to learning, enhance teachers’ knowledge of content and approaches to teaching integrated science, mathematics, and technology in Years 3-6 of the Australian Curriculum for NSW
  • develop a community of practice for participating STEM teachers, with ongoing support and engagement through mentoring, online forums, newsletters, seminars and events
  • develop teachers’ awareness of relevant STEM-related applications to society and career pathways.

Program structure

The program incorporates two major professional learning experiences:

  1. intensive development of knowledge of STEM education
  2. teaching experiments which promote student engagement and learning through increased levels of STEM integration and student-directed learning

We provide:

  • fully-funded intensive professional learning sessions (non-residential).
  • supported teaching experiments and critical reflection – including school mentor visits and an online community.
  • teacher/school goal-setting and monitoring of progress in relation to levels of STEM integration and student-directed learning.
  • STEM integration and project-based (problem-based) framework for inquiry.
The STEM project provided a rational platform to base the importance of communication, teamwork, challenge, resilience and problem solving.
Tasymn Lessels, Assistant Principal (Nana Glen Public School)
Part of the gift of our STEM project was our desire to extend ourselves out of the school grounds and into the real world.
Glenwood Public School STEM Team