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STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy

Designed to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics, our professional learning programs support school teams in their pursuit of excellence.

What is STEM Academy?

The STEM Academy is an innovative year-long professional learning program focused on developing teachers’ capacity to collaboratively design integrated STEM curriculum for school students.

Separate programs are offered for primary schools and secondary schools.

When your school join’s a STEM Academy program, we provide financial support for teacher relief.

When you join STEM Academy, you join a community of teachers spanning over 191 schools across metropolitan and regional New South Wales.


Throughout the academy, professional mentors work with participating teachers, providing support and assistance to plan and implement their own STEM strategies in the classroom.

Edmodo group

STEM Academy participants have access to our Edmodo group, an online platform for communicating and sharing resources among participating teachers.

A powerful resource, Edmodo helps participating teachers to:

  • monitor the implementation of their STEM strategies and report on their progress
  • follow the progress of other teachers and learn from their approach
  • discuss unforeseen issues and solutions with other teachers, and
  • receive ongoing support from STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy mentors and program leaders.

Meet our program team that run and facilitate the STEM Academy program:

Professor Manjula Sharma  
Interim-Director STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy

Paris Coburn
Project Manager STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy

Professor Janette Bobis
Primary Mathematics

Dr Leanne Cameron
Primary and Secondary Technology

Katherin Cartwright
Primary Mathematics

Dr Vilma Galstaun
Primary Technology

David Grover
Secondary Technology

Anthony Kadi
Manager Engineering and IT

Stuart Palmer
Secondary Mathematics

Dr Chris Preston
Primary Science

Dr Debbie Tully
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Trish Stockbridge
Primary and Secondary Science

Dr Louise Sutherland
Manager Science Program

Associate Professor Jennifer Way
Primary Program Manager

We have engaged key individuals and organisations involved in STEM across Australia to advise and help build our programs, networks and strategies.

Advisory board

Dr Stuart McGill

Miss Belinda Conway
Deputy Principal, Sydney Secondary College (Leichhardt Campus)

Murat Dizdar PSM
Deputy Secretary, School Operations and Performance

Professor Trevor Hambley
Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney (School of Chemistry)

Dr Phil Lambert PSM
General Manager, Curriculum, Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority

Adam Spencer
Mathematics and Science Ambassador, University of Sydney

Dr Julia Vonwiller
Founder, Appen Ltd

Governing board

Professor Iain Young
Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney 

Professor Willy Zwaenepoel
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney

Professor Pauline Ross
Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Science University of Sydney

Professor Debra Hayes
Head of School, Sydney School of Education and Social Work
University of Sydney

Academic committee

Professor Manjula Sharma
Interim-Director STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy

Ms Jackie Blue
Mathematics Advisor 7-12
Learning and Teaching Directorate, NSW Department of Education

Katherin Cartwright
Mathematics Advisor K-6
Learning and Teaching – Early Learning and Primary Education
NSW Department of Education

Ms Alison Galagher
Head Teacher Science, Fairfield High School

Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli
Integrative Ecology Group, Faculty of Science

Mr Anthony Kadi
Director of Professional Engagement, Faculty of Engineering

Professor David Lowe
Faculty of Engineering (School of Computer Science)

Dr Milena Radnovic
Faculty of Science

Dr Louise Sutherland
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sydney School of Education and Social Work

Dr Diana Warren
Faculty of Science

Ms Tracey Warzecha
Head Teacher, Riverside Girls High School

Associate Professor Jennifer Way
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sydney School of Education and Social Work