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Green building

External engagement

Industry and government engagement
Building strong partnerships within Australia and internationally to drive investment and deliver job growth, bringing benefits to industry and society.

Businesses and governments in Australia have committed to be net zero by 2050 and are beginning to commit large sums to achieve their net zero targets. The deployment of low-cost sources of renewable electricity is a great start but can only do so much.

Therefore, governments and businesses are looking to address some of the harder to abate emissions sources through technologies such as electrification (which in turn requires new technology) and new industrial and agricultural processes.

Our Net Zero Initiative acknowledges this new imperative and is therefore developing new fuels such as green hydrogen, new industrial products such as low-emissions cement and new ways to manage agricultural land to increase soil carbon.

We're keen to start meaningful conversations with more industry and government bodies and find out how we can support them in achieving their goals in this space.
By working together, we can address the urgent need for swift and widespread commercialisation and adoption at scale of existing and emerging zero and low emission technologies.

Our Net Zero Initiative builds on an existing framework of business and industry funded activities, including:

We're keen to work with businesses that are seeking to reduce their emissions and businesses who see commercial opportunities in the development and deployment of low emissions technologies.