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02 June 2023

New "designer" titanium alloys made using 3D printing

A team of researchers co-led by Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure) Professor Simon Ringer has created a new class of strong titanium alloys by integrating alloy and 3D printing process designs.
22 May 2023

Tool to detect and fix Linux Kernel bugs wins EuroSys best paper

New heuristic detects unknown concurrency bugs and unnecessary barriers to prevent data corruption and system crashes. The OFence tool outperforms existing software tools and has won best paper at EuroSys 2023.
18 May 2023

Iver Cairns recognised as Scientist of the Year at the Australian Space Awards

Winning from a group of 10 finalists, Professor Iver Cairns has dedicated his award to the scientists and students helping build Australia's space industry through CUAVA training centre.
18 May 2023

Why study aeronautical engineering at Sydney?

Studying aeronautical engineering at Sydney allows you to learn from world class experts about the analysis, design, production, testing of aircraft, aerospace vehicles and systems.
10 May 2023

Four ARC Early Career Industry Fellowships

Dr Nicky Wright and Dr Jianping Zhang, from the Faculty of Science, and Dr Eason (Yi-Sheng) Chen and Dr Rui Tang, from the Faculty of Engineering, have been successful in receiving ARC Early Career Industry Fellowships.
10 May 2023

Why study a Master of Computer Science?

Our Master of Computer Science is a future-focused, flexible degree. It combines specialist knowledge, real-world experience, and problem-solving skills to create technical leaders in the field.