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23 March 2023

How can we stop scammers slipping fake texts into legitimate SMS threads?

Dr Suranga Seneviratne from the Faculty of Engineering and Professor Carol Hsu from the Business School analyse how the proposed registry will help prevent these scams.

21 March 2023

Why autumn isn't a good time to predict if El Niño is coming

Dr Nandini Ramesh, a Research Associate in the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science and Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO Data61 reveals why we can't predict El Niño after three consecutive La Niña years. 

15 March 2023

New process gives CO2 conversion more "bang for buck"

A new chemical process is giving carbon capture and conversion "more bang for buck" by more efficiently converting captured CO2 into multi-carbon products like ethylene, which are used in a wide range of everyday products from pharmaceuticals to plastics. 

03 March 2023

Sydney academics and alumni awarded 2023 Fulbright Scholarships

From fluorescent nanoparticles to novel quantum sensors in medical imaging, academics and alumni of the University of Sydney have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships.
01 March 2023

High school students set sights on engineering career

High school students from across the country spent six days gaining hands-on engineering experience and getting to know the University of Sydney thanks to Engineering Aid Australia's Indigenous Australian Engineering School.

27 February 2023

Five ways our engineering students are making an impact

At the Faculty of Engineering, students are applying their engineering abilities and knowledge to advance technologies, gain real-world experience, and find creative and sustainable solutions to everyday challenges.

27 February 2023

University announces proposed energy hub with Spark Renewables

Spark Renewables has been selected by the University of Sydney to investigate and develop a hybrid renewable energy facility on the University's Arthursleigh property.