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Fostering research and innovation in urban development
Our grants and research support programs are designed to foster academia in town planning, urban development and land management.


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The Henry Halloran Trust has released an expression of interest for a new research grant targeted at Early Career Researchers.

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What I Wished I Knew Before I Bought My Apartment: 

The National Apartment Consumer Guide

Purchasing a property is often the single biggest investment people make in their lives. 'Location, location, location' is the age-old mantra drummed into us when it comes to this important decision. In some capital cities the reality may be more like 'price, price, price'. But are location and price all that matters? Clearly, there are other crucial factors to be considered prior to purchase. The Henry Halloran Trust is currently undertaking research to wrap this knowledge into a user-friendly toolkit for new buyers. Key factors such as orientation and aspect, design functionality, and issues impacting the health outcomes of residents will form part of the material The Guide will provide. The Guide will not only contain an Informed Buyers Checklist, but also a Visual Study of existing market stock illustrating how these key factors can be identified in floor plans by potential purchasers.

The National Apartment Consumer Guide is due to be released in September 2020. The research is being undertaken by Jasmine Palmer for the cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Lisa King will study both the Sydney and Brisbane markets.

Further details about The Guide may be obtained from:
Lisa King: 📧
Dr Jasmine Palmer: 📧


Warren Halloran AM

14.08.1926 - 03.01.2020

Warren Halloran, whose generous donation to the University helped establish the Henry Halloran Trust, passed away on January 3rd. 2020.

Warren was a kind, gentle and generous man who will be sadly missed. He was an active participant in Henry Halloran Trust events whilst his health allowed it. He is seen on the left with Professor Nicole Gurran, who was the leader of the first Halloran Trust research incubator - the Urban Housing Lab.

The Henry Halloran Trust will continue to build on the legacy that Warren’s generous donation enabled.

- Professor Peter Phibbs, Director

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21 November, the 7th Annual Henry Halloran Lecture

In recent years there has been a strong movement back to the values of strategic planning with a greater focus on a vision for our cities together with local strategic planning statements for our areas.

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