About the Trust

Our mission and values
We strive to be a leading voice and advocate for the advancement of liveable cities, thriving urban communities and sustainable development.

Our goal is to promote scholarship, innovation and research in town planning, urban development and land management. We achieve this through collaborative cross-disciplinary and industry research that generates innovative approaches to urban and regional policy, planning and development issues.

Our research covers vital issues such as governance, taxation, the role of public and private finance in the implementation of development, transportation, law, land and building tenure, ecology and energy and water use with respect to sustainability.

What we do

  • Promote academic debate and inspirational thinking through public lectures and seminars.
  • Publish research that can positively influence urban and regional development.
  • Encourage partnerships and collaboration with international scholars, practitioners and funding agencies.
  • Generate sound policy advice to government, the private sector and the community through proposals and publications.
  • Enhance teaching and research at the University through lectures and seminars led by resident scholars and practitioners.