Incubator team

Meet the researchers of The Infrastructure Governance Incubator

The Infrastructure Governance Incubator is a multidisciplinary collaborative research platform across three universities:

• The University of Sydney (NSW)
• Monash University (Victoria)
• The University of Melbourne (Victoria)

This research is being conducted by Associate Professors Tooran Alizadeh (Chief investigator), Glen Searle, and Dallas Rogers at the University of Sydney, Associate Professor Crystal Legacy at the University of Melbourne, Associate Professor Liton Kamruzzaman at Monash University, and Rebecca Clements, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney.  

Incubator Core Research Team

Photo of Tooran Alizadeh

Tooran Alizadeh

Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Chief Investigator

Photo of Glen Searle

Glen Searle

Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Photo of Liton Kamruzzaman

Liton Kamruzzaman

Associate Professor, Monash University

Photo of Crystal Legacy

Crystal Legacy

Associate Professor, University of Melbourne

Photo of Dallas Rogers

Dallas Rogers

Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Photo of Rebecca Clements

Rebecca Clements

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Sydney

Research Partners

In November 2020, prior to the official launch of the Incubator, the Planning Institute of Australia's (PIA) NSW and Victorian branches both joined as official partners, putting their support behind this critical research program. Further, in May 2021 Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE, now the Dept of Infrastructure and Environment, or DPE) joined the Incubator, partnering on the first plug-in research project ‘Public-led Smart Infrastructure’ embedded into the Incubator. This six-month project was completed in early 2022, resulting in two policy reports and a journal publication (under review). By partnering in the ‘Public-led Smart Infrastructure’ project, DPE is also the first additional financial supporter of the Incubator. 

Logo of Planning Institute Australia
Logo of Planning Industry & Environment NSW

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board was formed early in the project to help provide academic and industry-related guidance and advice to the research, assisting with refining the research focuses, case study options/selection, stakeholder connections, and practice insights. The project’s Advisory Board includes a range of key stakeholders involved in infrastructure governance and urban planning in NSW and Victoria, including some with direct involvement in the Western Parklands City project. 

Photo of John Brockhoff

John Brockhoff

National Policy Manager at Planning Institute of Australia NSW

Photo of Gabby McMillan

Gabby McMillan

President of Planning Institute of Australia VIC

Photo of Jonathan Spear

Jonathan Spear

Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of Infrastructure Victoria

Photo of Kieron Hendicott

Kieron Hendicott

Dept of Regional NSW, Northern Rivers Reconstructions Corp (Executive Director – Strategy, Planning and Development)

Photo of Dr Sarah Hill

Dr Sarah Hill

Western Parklands City Authority (CEO)

Photo of Eamon Waterford

Eamon Waterford

Dept of Enterprise, Investment and Trade (Chief strategy officer)

Photo of Elle Davidson

Elle Davidson

University of Sydney (Aboriginal Planning Lecturer)

Photo of Norma Shankie-Williams

Norma Shankie-Williams

Willoughby City Council (Strategic Planning Team Leader)

Photo of Graham Currie

Graham Currie

Monash Infrastructure Institute (Director) / Monash University (Professor)

Photo of Rae Dufty-Jones

Rae Dufty-Jones

University of Western Sydney, Associate Professor

Photo of Joanna Kubota

Joanna Kubota

Western Parkland Councils, Executive director

Photo of Roberta Ryan

Roberta Ryan

University of Newcastle / Dept of Planning & Environment, Aerotropolis Independent Community Commissioner

Practitioner-in-Residence Position Description

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