Cannabis symbol on wood carving

Special Access Scheme (Category B)

Information for patients and medical professionals

A medical practitioner can apply to prescribe a medicinal cannabis product to a single patient through the Special Access Scheme (SAS) Category B.

How to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Information for medical practitioners.

a. Who and what are you treating?

Review clinical evidence for using cannabis products for your patient’s medical condition.

b. What medicinal cannabis product will you use?

Identify a specific cannabis product (trade name, formulation, route of administration and dose) appropriate for your patient’s medical condition. Identify a GMP-accredited supplier that can provide this cannabis product.

View the TGA's list of medicinal cannabis products by name, ingredients, dosage form and sponsor for an Australian stock supply.


TGA approval: Special Access Scheme (SAS)

Submit an application through the SAS online system.

For easy access to the prescribing process, print out the National Prescribing Service poster here.