Our scholars shine at Oxford and Cambridge

3 October 2016
A successful pathway program

The Sydney Law School Pathways Program with universities in Oxford and Cambridge offers high-achieving students the opportunity to undertake the final semester of their degree in Oxford or Cambridge. 

Mitchell Cleaver

The Sydney Law School Pathways Program with universities in Oxford and Cambridge offers high-achieving students the opportunity to undertake the final semester of their degree in Oxford or Cambridge. 

Upon completion of their studies, they receive a University of Sydney LLB or a JD, as well as a relevant degree from the UK university. This could be an Oxford Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or Master of Law and Finance (MLF), or a Cambridge Master of Laws (LLM) or Masters in Corporate Law (MCL). 

Already, the Pathways Program is producing extraordinary results. Arts/Law student Mitchell Cleaver was the first Sydney Law School student to join the Cambridge Pathways Program Mitchell achieved first-class honours and fourth in the order of merit for the Master of Laws.

Cambridge University

“It is wonderful that our first Cambridge Pathways student has returned home with such an outstanding result,” said the Dean, Professor Joellen Riley. 

“His achievement sets the bar very high for our future students in the program.” 

Mitchell said that while the Pathways Program may seem daunting, this should not dissuade students from applying. 

“If anything, having been in full-time education immediately prior to commencing the course can be a real advantage,” he said. 

“Although the courses are demanding, they are also incredibly rewarding. Students are encouraged to focus on what they consider to be fascinating, challenging or controversial. There is a lot of scope for independent research.”

Cambridge University

Mitchell said that one of the most exciting aspects of his time at Cambridge was participating in college life. 

“The college system means that one is living and working alongside students from a large number of disciplines, all of whom share a similar love of learning,” he said. “The sense of community is very strong.” 

Outside of his studies, Mitchell played on the hockey team at Jesus College and served as a student representative to the law faculty. 

“Cambridge is a fantastic place to study and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a year here,” says Mitchell.

Sydney Law School graduate Daniel Fletcher (LLB ’14) also achieved exceptional results studying in the UK. 

Daniel returned home as the esteemed recipient of the Vinerian Scholarship Proxime Accessit, a prize awarded to second place in the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) exams at the University of Oxford. 

He gained first place in all four of his subjects, receiving the Law Faculty Prize in Commercial Remedies, the Law Faculty Prize in Law and Society in Medieval England, the Law Faculty Prize in Legal Concepts in Financial Law, and the Peter Birks Prize in Restitution of Unjust Enrichment. 

“It is wonderful to hear such good news of Daniel’s success,” says Sydney Law School Dean, Professor Joellen Riley. 

“Sydney graduates have a long history of excelling in the Oxford BCL, and we are fortunate indeed to be able to offer scholarships to help them achieve their aspirations.” 

Daniel was also the winner of the 2015 Justice Peter Hely Scholarship. Established in 2008 through the contributions of friends and colleagues of the late Justice Peter Hely, the scholarship promotes postgraduate study in commercial law and equity. 

Applications for the 2017 Justice Peter Hely Scholarship open on 31 October 2016. 

“I am extremely grateful for the continued support of Sydney Law School and the Justice Peter Hely Scholarship,” he says. 

“I hope my time in Oxford will prove to be an invaluable step in my career.” While at Oxford, Daniel sang with Lincoln College’s chapel choir and played a few games of cricket for Magdalen College. 

“The whole year was a pleasure and I would recommend applying to anyone who is thinking about it,” he says. A student at the beginning of his Oxford chapter is Nicholas Condylis (BA ’13 LLB (Hons) ’15), our new 2016 Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholar.

Nicholas is an exceptional student. His honours thesis on federal executive power was published in the Melbourne University Law Review. 

He also won the 2014 Gilbert + Tobin Constitutional Law Moot and was a member of the 2014 Sydney Jessup Moot Team. 

The scholarship will support Nicholas during his studies in the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) at Oxford University. 

“The great thing about Sydney Law School is that you meet some truly inspiring people,” says Nicholas. Their achievements keep you modest about your own. 

They also show you the level of dedication and preparation required to succeed in a law degree. This lesson should serve me well at Oxford.” 

Nicholas works as tipstaff to the Chief Judge in the Equity Division of the NSW Supreme Court, the Hon. Justice Patricia Bergin. Previously, he was a lawyer at Allens Linklaters.

He also lectures at Sydney Law School in federal constitutional law. The selection committee was most impressed with Nicholas’s proficiency in constitutional law and his commitment to community service, shown through his experience with the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service in Sydney and Cairns, and his current volunteer position with Redfern Legal Centre. 

“It’s no secret that the Oxford BCL is an extremely rigorous degree, but I’m confident Sydney Law School has prepared me well for the challenge.” Nicholas says. 

The Peter Cameron scholarship was established by the Law School and the Cameron family through contributions from the friends and colleagues of the late Peter Cameron to promote postgraduate study in law. Mitchell Cleaver.