40 years of inspirational teaching

28 November 2017
A well-respected and dedicated teacher

Earlier this year, Senior Lecturer Ross Anderson celebrated 40 years of full-time service at Sydney Law School.

Ross Anderson 40 years of teaching

Described by his students as “the most popular lecturer in the Law School”, “a mini-God”, “guru”, and “the best lecturer in the world”, Ross Anderson is a superlative teacher. For many past and current students, his lectures have been among the highlights of their studies.

At a special morning tea hosted on campus on 4 July 2017, colleagues gathered to share their admiration for Ross Anderson and his contribution to both the legal profession and tertiary teaching.

“Many of the staff have been taught by Ross, as have many of the judiciary,” said Professor Barbara McDonald.

“We really cannot underestimate the profundity of his influence on the legal profession. He is a man who is absolutely steeped in the law of his subjects, particularly their legal history. All of us adore having Ross as a colleague and may he continue for many more years to come.”

Ross Anderson Award for Excellence in Teaching

At the presentation of the Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Great Hall on 30 April 1994 with the Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Board.

Mr Anderson joined the Law School in 1973, serving as a part-time lecturer after graduating from Sydney Law School with a first class honours Bachelor of Laws degree. He then moved to London to complete his Master of Laws at University College London before returning to the Law School as a full-time staff member.

In 1993, Mr Anderson was awarded a University of Sydney Excellence in Teaching Award. At the ceremony in the Great Hall, Chair of the Academic Board, Professor John Mack, acknowledged his outstanding contribution to the Sydney Law School and the University “through his scholarly and gifted enhancement of the art of teaching”.

Reflecting on his time at the Law School during the morning tea, Mr Anderson acknowledged fellow staff members: “the most important thing has always been the support of colleagues, the people with whom I have most closely taught.”

Ross Anderson

Among many insights, Mr Anderson also spoke of his fondness for teaching in the Quadrangle.

“I used to teach Torts in the General Lecture Theatre in the Quad and I would take the entire year group as a single class,” he said.

“It was pure theatrics involving me getting up on the desk and the like. One of the interesting aspects was that the Vice-Chancellor at the time, John Manning Ward, who was a professor of history but had trained as a lawyer, used to sit in the back during his morning tea breaks, as his office was opposite.

“Now I teach Private International Law in the Philosophy Room in the Main Quadrangle each afternoon and the change is that large tour groups come to visit.

“They stop to take a look and I always say, come on in!”

Long may Ross Anderson continue to enrich our classrooms with his inimitable style and enthusiasm!