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19 December 2018
Sydney Institute of Criminology secures partnership with major publisher
From 2019 The Sydney Institute of Criminology will partner with world-leading academic publisher Taylor and Francis to publish its 'Current Issues in Criminal Justice' law journal.

Current Issues in Criminal Justice is Australia’s leading peer-reviewed journal on criminal justice with a focus on criminology and criminal law. First published in 1989, the journal has been informing critical debate in criminal justice issues in Australia and internationally for close to three decades, and continues to provide detailed analysis of local, regional and global issues from outstanding academic contributors.

As part of the ongoing contribution the journal makes to public advocacy and critical debate on criminal justice issues, Current Issues in Criminal Justice will be published in partnership with Taylor and Francis from 2019.

For almost 30 years Current Issues in Criminal Justice has been at the forefront of research and debate about crime and criminal justice in Australia and beyond.
Prof. Murray Lee

“We have published world class scholarship, highly cited articles, and helped many new scholars achieve their first publication – including myself. We have broken new ground with special issues on topics such as green criminology, women and prison, and forensic science. The journal has also played a key role in fostering critical debate on contemporary challenges in criminal law through its contemporary comments section and has published high-quality book reviews on related topics.”

Professor Lee said Taylor and Francis’ support would enhance the journal’s position as the leading academic publication on criminal justice and criminal law in Australia and broaden the journal’s reach to a global audience, crucial at time when innovative local solutions to some of the most intractable criminological issues may provide answers in other contexts.

“With this partnership we move to four issues a year, welcome the distribution power of a major publisher, and achieve even greater international reach. We will still keep a focus on contemporary debates in Australian criminal justice but will be more outward looking and welcome even more international scholars. Now is a great time to submit quality articles to the journal,” he said.

Sydney Institute of Criminology Co-Directors Arlie Loughnan and Rita Shackel said 'the continued contribution of Current Issues in Criminal Justice demonstrates the Institute’s central place in the criminal justice debates taking place across policy, legal and scholarly fields. Co-publishing with Taylor and Francis represents the next step in the life of the journal and positions the Institute well to continue to contribute to such debates.

Current Issues in Criminal Justice accepts submissions on a rolling basis. View more information on the submission process and requirements.

The first issue of Current Issues in Criminal Justice to be published in partnership with Taylor and Francis will be in February 2019.

About Current Issues in Criminal Justice

  • Has been serving the legal profession and informing criminal justice debate for almost 30 years
  • Has published over 1000 articles, reviews and contemporary comments
  • Has broken new ground with special Issues on green criminology, female imprisonment and forensic science, among others.

The Sydney Institute of Criminology

Based in the University of Sydney Law School, the Sydney Institute of Criminology is Australia’s oldest criminology research centre. For more than 50 years the Institute has contributed to legal debate through its longstanding and trusted relationships with the legal profession, criminal justice institutions and the broader community via the Hate Crime Network, CrimNet newsletter, the advocacy work of Institute members, series of public seminars and its journal publication, Current Issues in Criminal Justice.

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