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Law Dean’s statement following High Court Inquiry

23 June 2020
The failure of institutions in preventing abuse needs addressing

Professor Simon Bronitt, Head of School and Dean of Sydney Law School has released a statement in response to a recent High Court Inquiry finding.  


"As the Dean of Sydney Law School, I wish to express my solidarity and support for the victims who have been abused by former High Court Justice, Dyson Heydon. The High Court’s administrative review, though long coming, has exposed a pattern of abusive and unprofessional behaviours over his tenure on the Court.

I wish to commend the courage of our alumna, Chelsea Tabart, one of our best and brightest students, and other female Associates, in righting these wrongs – they no longer need suffer in silence.

The failure of many institutions in our community to prevent this type of abuse, to provide real remedies for those affected and to prevent re-victimisation by the legal process itself, must be addressed. The rule of law means, at its core, that no-one, however high and powerful in their office, is above the law," Professor Simon Bronitt said.