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Sydney Law School alumni appointed Senior Counsel in 2020

19 October 2020
Senior Counsel appointments for 2020
Congratulations to all our Sydney Law School alumni who have been appointed Senior Counsel this year.

The announcement was recently made by the President of the New South Wales Bar Association, Tim Game SC.

Of the 26 barristers who have been appointed Senior Counsel, an impressive 10 were identified as Sydney Law School alumni:

  • Jason Downing - LLB (1993), LLM (2000)
  • Andrew Fernon - LLM (1994)
  • Vahan Bedrossian - LLB (1999)
  • Justin Hogan-Doran - LLB (1996)
  • Madeleine Avenell - LLB (2003)
  • Angus Lang - LLB (1998)
  • Houda Younan - LLB (1998)
  • Yaseen Shariff - LLB (2001)
  • Chloe Burnett - LLB (2004)
  • Tim Castle - LLB (1986)

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Marking significant milestones in the careers of those listed, the New South Wales Bar Association said this about the appointments:

"The appointment of Senior Counsel provides a public identification of barristers whose standing and competence justify an expectation, on the part of those who may need their services, as well as on the part of the judiciary, that they will provide outstanding service as advocates and advisers, to the good of the administration of justice." 

Click here to view the full list of appointments made by the New South Wales Bar Association

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