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Scholarships to support postgraduate law research

10 May 2022

Applications open for our generous research scholarships

Sydney Law School offers a range of scholarships to support students undertaking postgraduate research.

Sydney Law School offers over half a million dollars in law scholarships across our degree programs to attract the world's best students and support career ambitions.

We have a range of scholarships to support postgraduate research in law for both domestic and international students. In addition to Research Training Scholarships, Sydney Law School has established a number of scholarships for specific research disciplines. You can apply for a top-up scholarship in addition to the basic scholarship rate. There is also the opportunity to apply to teach courses within your area of research if consistent with your candidature and progression.

Applications are now open for our PhD, Master of Laws by Research and Master of Criminology by Research for commencement in 2023. Applications close on 31 October 2022, with expressions of interest closing on 1 August 2022.

We encourage you to apply for admission and a scholarship as early as possible. An early scholarship award can be made for outstanding candidates.

Law postgraduate research scholarships

Scholarship Value Closing date
Ivan Roberts Scholarship $50,000 20 June 2022
John O'Brien Memorial Research Scholarship in Criminal Law and Criminology University of Sydney  RTP stipend rate Ongoing 
Judge Ralph J Perdriau Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Common Law (International only) Tuition fees, SSAF, OSHC, stipend
The George and Matilda Harris Scholarship Up to $50,000 per annum (up to 3.5 years) Ongoing
The Julian Small Research Scholarship in Labour Law Up to $50,000 per annum (up to 3.5 years) Ongoing
The Justice Peter Hely Scholarship (Domestic only) $20,000 22 January 2023
Reca Stone Postgraduate Scholarship in Legal Theory  University of Sydney RTP stipend rate Ongoing
WA Cooke, Jane Cooke and Alfred Godfrey Scholarship University of Sydney RTP stipend rate Ongoing

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