Global Peace Conference in Bangkok: A Nexus of Insights and Inspiration

11 April 2024
Sydney Law School students attend UN Peace Conference
Students from the Sydney Law School recently attended the third Global Peace Conference at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, a forum where delegates and speakers alike discussed pathways towards fostering peace and understanding on a global scale.
Sydney Law School students at the UN Peace Summit

The conference commenced with a captivating opening ceremony, featuring a stirring string orchestra performance from Mahidol University's College of Music.

His Excellency, Ambassador Walid Abu Ali, delivered the opening keynote address, setting the tone for a series of enlightening sessions led by esteemed Peace Ambassadors.

Throughout the conference, attendees had the privilege of hearing from a diverse array of voices, including survivors of conflict and advocates for peace.

Loung Ung, a survivor of the Cambodia genocide, delivered a poignant message, reminding the audience of the enduring scars left by conflict.

"Wars do not end because presidents declare it so... Wars continue to take place in your land, in your dreams," she shared, urging listeners to confront the realities of post-conflict trauma.

Antoinette Mutabazi, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, shared her harrowing journey, underscoring the resilience of the human spirit amidst unimaginable adversity.

Her story served as a testament to the power of hope and resilience in overcoming the darkest chapters of history.

Miesha Binta Noor was one of the Sydney Law School students who attended the conference, she highlighted the significance of storytelling and empathy in navigating global conflicts.

"A story when heard with a pinch of compassion can change your perspective, your community, and even the world," Miesha said, encapsulating the transformative power of personal narratives in fostering understanding and reconciliation.

Sydney Law School students in front of flags

Sydney Law School Students who attended the conference

Gaganjot Gill, another Sydney Law School student, echoed Miesha's sentiments, emphasizing the profound lessons learned from the Peace Ambassadors who shared their stories.

"Through the inspiring and resilient stories of Peace Ambassadors, I learned how retelling and recounting personal experiences can offer a deeper understanding of these crises," Gaganjot said.

“Media can be a powerful tool in their hands by bringing to light these experiences, and in sharing their stories, there’s a reclamation of narratives alongside the pursuit of justice for what they’ve faced.”

The conference also provided a platform for attendees to engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange ideas.

Workshops and interactive sessions facilitated discussions on topics ranging from conflict resolution to the role of media in shaping narratives of peace and justice.

As the conference drew to a close, participants departed with renewed resolve to champion the cause of peace in their communities and beyond.

The Third Global Peace Conference in Bangkok served as a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals to confront the challenges of our time with courage, compassion, and solidarity.

Students who attended the conference were able to connect with others who had a shared passion for peace.

“The highlight of the trip was interacting with like-minded people who were going through their own stories and paths, figuring out how they are going to leave a mark,” Miesha said.

“Although we came from different places, cultures, and backgrounds, we all shared the common goal of understanding the past and present to ensure accountability in the future. It felt like we were part of a global village.”

In a world beset by conflict and division, events such as these remind us of the enduring human capacity for empathy, understanding, and collective action in pursuit of a more peaceful future.

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