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Sydney Institute of Criminology submissions

Informing political and public debate through advocacy and research
The Sydney Institute of Criminology’s criminological and criminal law experts contribute their expertise to law reform debates and broader issues in criminal justice through submissions to a range of fora.

Advocacy is central to the Sydney Institute of Criminology’s internationally recognised criminological, criminal law and criminal justice expertise. Through our interdisciplinary criminological research, we seek to have real-world impact and influence by engaging with criminal justice agencies, legal professionals, the judiciary and law reform bodies. Our ongoing advocacy through submissions to Royal Commissions, parliamentary inquiries, standing Committees and peak body inquiries, among others, reflects this commitment.

The Sydney Institute of Criminology’s submissions will be of interest to members of the legal profession, law reform bodies, peak bodies, government agencies, students and interested members of the general public. This resource is part of our ongoing commitment to informing public and parliamentary debate on criminological, criminal law and criminal justice issues.




  • MHRT Review (pdf, 206KB), 7 September 2016, Professor Arlie Loughnan