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Jurisprudence and legal theory

Investigating the philosophical dimensions of the law

Asking theoretical questions about the law to reach a deeper understanding of jurisprudence and legal theory.

Our vision

We aim to improve understanding of law by asking theoretical questions about it. Those questions are philosophical, sociological and historical. They are about law in general. They are also about human rights, about constitutions, about international law, about corporate law and about criminal law.

Our work

  • Professor David Kinley’s particular expertise is in human rights and the global economy, focusing on the respective roles and responsibilities of corporations and states.
  • Professor Wojciech Sadurski has written extensively on the philosophy of law, political philosophy and comparative constitutional law.
  • Professor Arlie Loughnan’s research examines criminal responsibility from a socio-legal perspective. 
  • Associate Professor Jacqueline Mowbray’s particular area of interest is international law and legal theory, with a focus on international human rights law. 
  • Dr Michael Sevel researches issues in general jurisprudence, the rule of law, and moral and political philosophy. 
  • Dr Kevin Walton’s research focuses on issues of political obligation and questions of methodology in legal philosophy.

Our experts