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Social justice activities

Addressing issues of law and social justice
Combine theory and practice to achieve change through law.

At the Sydney Law School, we offer a range of opportunities for you to engage in social justice law reform.

Law Reform Program

You can volunteer to conduct legal research for NGOs and public agencies in support of their activity.

Through the Law Reform Program, we partner with community legal centres and NSW Legal Aid

Before each semester, a call goes out to students to volunteer for a law reform project that has been nominated by our partners. Students work in teams to produce a research report, under the guidance of academic advisers. Past projects include barriers to justice for Indigenous peoples and people with a disability, mental health care for prisoners, and regulation of retirement communities. 

Sydney University Law Society (SULS) 

The Sydney University Law Society (SULS) also runs a number of social justice programs for students to be involved in, including: a Juvenile Justice Mentoring Scheme; a Refugee Language Tutoring Program; a Social Justice and Public Interest Careers Mentoring Program; and an annual social justice conference.

Law clinics and electives

You can study issues of law and social justice for credit in one of our Law clinics and in undergraduate elective units such as Australian Income Tax; Anti-Discrimination Law; Criminology; Environmental Law; Family Law; International Human Rights Law; Indigenous peoples and the Law; Labour Law; Policing; Crime and Society; Development, Law and Human Rights; Migration; Refugees and Forced Migration; and Race and the Law.

Isabella Kang

Isabella Kang

"Participating in the University of Sydney Law School social justice program was an eye-opening experience where I learnt that a law degree is a tool that arms graduates with valuable skills to work in the field of social justice. 

Seeing firsthand the dedication and perseverance of people who work in the non-profit sector has consolidated my desire to work in human rights law upon the completion of my studies.”

Emma Colenbrander

Emma Colenbrander

"For the first time, I could see a tangible link between the work I was doing and the impact on the lives of others: this was a wonderful and humbling experience.

During this placement I gained real insight into the world of public interest lawyering. I worked to prepare Protection Visa applications, undertook country-of-origin research and supported RACS solicitors in their daily work."

Professor Simon Rice

Professor Simon Rice
Kim Santow Chair of Law and Social Justice
Visit Professor Simon Rice's academic profile

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