Unit of study_

Law clinics

Learn while working in public interest and social justice law offices
Apply your classroom knowledge to real-world issues, to reflect on your development as a social justice lawyer, and to develop your skills in applied researching and client interaction.

You will will be on a day-a-week placement with our partner community legal centres and other social justice organisations, complemented by classroom study of the theory and practice of law in the public interest and for social justice. 

"This invaluable experience exposed me to the realities of public interest lawyering and the capacity of the law to promote social change. Through working on Care and Protection matters, I discovered my passion for increasing the safety of children and parents and was able to see first-hand how our law does (and doesn't) assist in these circumstances. It was also empowering to meet and work alongside lawyers passionate about social justice."

Louise Press
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International and Global Studies (Sociology major)

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