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Collaborative Health Education Sydney

Interprofessional learning, practices and resources
We provide health students with the tools for interprofessional practice in clinical/workplace settings, support a patient-centred approach to care, and improve safety through communication, teamwork and collaborative practice.

About us

We coordinate the interprofessional learning (IPL) activities offered to students and staff at the University of Sydney.

Key activities include:

  • IPL resource package
  • Interprofessional introductory workshop
  • Interprofessional Communication Education (ICE) Safety module
  • IPL Medication Safety module
  • Team-based learning Patient Safety workshop
  • Health Collaboration Challenge (HCC)
  • Peer Teacher Training (PTT) program

Our approach

We use a three-phase approach, offering learning opportunities for students throughout the length of their degree.

Starting with the building of knowledge and understanding, students progress to simulated experiences and move on to IPL in the clinical/placement setting.

We also employ a comprehensive learner record, the IPL ePassport to capture, collate and communicate each students’ record of achievement in the field of IPL throughout the span of their degree.

The IPL ePassport aims to assist students in tracking and understanding their own learning and enable them to share a verifiable record of this learning and achievement.


Students and educators can use the IPL resource package (pdf, 1.4mb) to complete or supervise interprofessional learning activities when on placement.

Interprofessional learning on placement gives students an experiential basis for developing skills for collaborative care in the professional workplace. Collaborative and patient/client-centred care has been shown to improve health and social care outcomes.

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Our people

Professor Inam Haq
Associate Dean Education FMH, IPL Chair

Christie Van Diggele
IPL Lead, Education Support

Associate Professor Jacqueline Bloomfield 
IPL Lead, Academic

Gloria Liu
IPL Project Officer, Education Support


Associate Professor Annette Burgess
Sydney Medical School

Dr Carl Schneider
Senior Lecturer (Pharmacy Practice)

Associate Professor Greg Sutherland
School of Medical Sciences

Ms Kate O'Sullivan
Associate Director (West Precinct), COO Westmead Initiative Precinct

Professor Lynn Monrouxe
Head of Sydney Health Professions Education Research Network 

Dr Melanie Hayes
Head of WIL, School of Health Sciences

Dr Melanie Keep
Coordinator, Bachelor of Science (Health)

Associate Professor Suzanne Ollerenshaw
School of Medical Sciences, Director Student Support

Ms Monica Hughes
Program Manager, Westmead Precinct Education Hub

Associate Professor Stuart Lane
Coordinator of Clinical Studies, Sydney Medical Program, Academic lead, Nepean Clinical School

Dr Astrid Frotjold
Senior Lecturer, Acute Care Nursing

Ms Christina Darwell
Discipline Specialist, School of Health Sciences

Dr Delyse Leadbeatter
Director of Academic Education, Sydney Dental School / Dentistry Administration FMH

Ms Frances Barraclough
University Centre for Rural Health, North Coast

Ms Helen Fraser
Associate Director Strategy & Partnerships (Camperdown Precinct), Faculty of Medicine and Health

Associate Professor Tina Hinton
Associate Professor, Sydney Pharmacy School

Dr Leigh Wilson
Senior Lecturer, Behavioural Health Sciences

Contact us

  • Level 8 West Wing, Susan Wakil Health Building (D18) | The University of Sydney| NSW | 2006