18 May 2018

What your parents never told you about your teeth

We unpack the truth about your pearly whites and explore the connection between oral health and overall health and wellbeing.
17 May 2018

A career that gives back

The role nurses play in creating better health outcomes for mental health patients.
17 May 2018

Why study health policy?

Health policy involves the decisions, actions and plans that are undertaken to achieve health goals within societies. It encompasses rules, regulations, practices and actions that shape behaviour, including the way in which healthcare and health promotion systems are designed and implemented.
11 May 2018

The emergency nurse with a head for numbers

How mastering nursing taught an accountant to think differently.

08 May 2018

Career benefits of specialist postgraduate study in medicine

Pursue your passion and discover postgraduate education for doctors. Our specialist postgraduate courses are taught by experts in the medical field and offer a wide range of benefits for doctors.
08 May 2018

Why study critical care medicine?

This highly sought after degree has been designed by critical care clinicians for doctors working, or planning to work, in emergency medicine, anaesthetics and intensive care medicine.
08 May 2018

Why study clinical neurophysiology?

Specialise with a postgraduate degree in clinical neurophysiology and develop theoretical and practical knowledge in this broad discipline that encompasses diagnostic services and intraoperative monitoring.
08 May 2018

Why study metabolic health?

Our highly practical metabolic health program is delivered by international leaders in the field of diabetes and metabolic health.
08 May 2018

Why study internal medicine?

Our postgraduate internal medicine program is the only degree of its kind in Australasia.
08 May 2018

5 reasons to study sexual and reproductive health

Study a postgraduate degree in sexual and reproductive health and improve health outcomes in Australia and around the world.