29 June 2018

The public health graduate awarded TIME person of the year

In 2014, while working for UNICEF, Dr Vandana Joshi was positioned in Sierra Leone's Ebola ‘red zone’ to help fight the biggest health crisis on the planet at the time. They were called ‘The Ebola Fighters’ and were collectively awarded TIME person of the year for their efforts.

25 June 2018

PhD students work to improve lives of people with autoimmune diseases

The Brain Autoimmunology group at Westmead is working hard to improve the lives of patients with a range of brain autoimmune disorders.
22 June 2018

The many pathways to higher degree research

3 higher degree researchers share their stories of how they balance their research with their careers and personal lives.

20 June 2018

Blood pressure wearable device challenge

Current blood pressure measuring devices don't provide accurate long-term readings. The Westmead Applied Research Centre is supporting innovative research in the hope of solving this real-world problem.
19 June 2018

Launch evening for mentoring program supports women in health and medical research

The Franklin Women Mentoring program launched at the University last week, bringing together academics from a wide range of organisations within medicine and health.

14 June 2018

Why you should own a dog

More than just a fluffy face, it turns out that owning a dog can actually make you happier and healthier. If you need to convince someone to let you add a pup to your household, here are the reasons you’re looking for.
12 June 2018

High achievers honoured at awards night

On 7 June, the annual Faculty of Health Sciences Awards Ceremony celebrating excellence in achievement took place in MacLaurin Hall.
07 June 2018

Breast cancer researcher named as a Fresh Scientist of the year

Dr Pegah Varamini presented her research last night at the Fresh Science pub night to a crowd of science enthusiasts.

06 June 2018

International nurse discovers more with a Master of Nursing

Gina Dolezel came from Canada to study a Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry), and found the program's robust curriculum helped her discover more about the Canadian healthcare system alongside the Australian.
05 June 2018

Two of us: dentists cutting their teeth in regional Australia

Dr Bruce Gray (Bachelor of Dental Surgery, 1975) welcomes dentistry students and shares his advice for their regional and rural placements, over a glass of wine and his wife’s signature marinated beef fillets.