Why you should own a dog

14 June 2018
Man’s best friend… and therapist?
More than just a fluffy face, it turns out that owning a dog can actually make you happier and healthier. If you need to convince someone to let you add a pup to your household, here are the reasons you’re looking for.

Image credit: @chiwhadisco on Instagram

1. They’ll get you walking

As the weather gets colder, the temptation to hibernate grows. But if you’re a dog owner, you don’t have that luxury – you’ve got to get out there and walk them! You’ll be grateful when summer rolls around and you’ve managed to keep up your fitness.

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2. They give you unconditional love

People are flakey, and they break your heart. But dogs? They’ll always be there for you, helping you to release serotonin and dopamine (the feel-good chemicals) like nobody’s business.

Image credit: @blogmollydog on Instagram

3. They’ll help you de-stress

There’s a reason we often have therapy dogs on campus during exam time – the simple act of petting and playing with a pup can help calm you down in a way that watching bulldog videos just can’t achieve.

Image credit: @chappy.chowbear on Instagram

4. They’ll buy you friends

Have you ever gone to a party just to pet the dog? Stopped a stranger on the street to say hello to their furry friend? Dogs increase social interactions – it’s as simple as that.

Image credit: @blogmollydog on Instagram

5. You’ll make them happy

In the end, it’s all worth it for the look in their eyes and that goofy smile when you give them a treat, or throw them a bone.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence, like the reasons listed above, as to why you should own a dog. But there’s been little solid evidence to back it up – until now. Join us for a free event on 27 June, as our experts discuss whether these theories are paw-sible and answer your questions. Register now.