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rehab counselling

Where a degree in rehabilitation counselling could take you

Looking for a career where you provide life-changing support?
A critical part of the healthcare system, our alumni enjoy rewarding and fulfilling careers in a diverse range of industries. Here are just three of the places a degree in rehabilitation counselling could take you.

Improving the lives of health workers

Raychel Davis is the Director of People, Safety and Culture for a local health district, and is responsible for overseeing strategic workforce operations. She works with a dedicated team who are committed to improving the work experience of staff within the health system.

“I love the challenge. My job is different every day, and it allows me to use my skills in different ways to traditional rehabilitation counselling work,” Raychel says.

“Rehabilitation counselling is the foundation of my career. The broad skills of communication, counselling and transferable skills analysis are very relevant to the human resources field,” she says.

“When combined with skills and knowledge of work, health and safety (and workers compensation) and employment of people with disabilities, rehab counselling is a very transferable skillset.”

Enhancing an existing career

For the past 10 years Kamonnet Wannasewok has worked as a psychiatrist who provides treatment for people with severe mental illness and psychosocial disability in Thailand.

She’s now studying a Master of Rehabilitation Counselling, with the goal of developing psychiatric rehabilitation approaches and recovery-oriented services for people with severe mental illnesses.

“Further development of psychiatric/psychosocial rehabilitation is still required in Thailand and I would like to be a part of the development, facilitating collaboration with other mental health professionals and colleagues to improve psychosocial rehabilitation services in Thailand,” she says.

Bringing compassion to life insurance

Stuart Wing started his degree in rehabilitation counselling with the intention of transferring into psychology. Not long into his degree, he discovered the variety of career paths that would be open to him with a rehabilitation counselling degree, and decided to stay the course.

From here, Stuart embarked on a rewarding career, including a role as Life Insurance Service Delivery Manager for a national rehabilitation provider.

“It is such an attractive offering to insurance companies to have an allied health professional, who can openly communicate and build relationships with their customers when they, as an organisation, are being viewed so negatively,” he says.

“There is a huge opportunity for our profession in this field – we’re able to revisit the core skills and reasons why we got into this field in the first place, and help people in genuine need.”

Embark on a new career or expand your skills in an existing field. Apply now for the Master of Rehabilitation Counselling or Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling. Both courses are available online (by distance) and on-campus.  

14 January 2019

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