DetectED-X partners with Volpara Health

19 November 2020
To improve detection of breast cancer

University of Sydney start-up DetectED-X teams up with Volpara Health to improve breast cancer education for radiologists and clinicians.

Professor Patrick Brennan

Professor Patrick Brennan

DetectED-X and Volpara Health have signed an agreement that will enables radiologists around the world to have access to a first-of-its-kind online breast density training tool designed to correctly identify women’s breast density categories to comply with the Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS).

“While we have seen tremendous advances in medical imaging and AI tools to improve the detection of breast cancer, varying levels of skill and experience among radiologists reading mammograms can contribute to interpretation errors and variations in assessing breast density,” said Professor Patrick Brennan, CEO DetectED-X and Chair, Diagnostic Imaging, University of Sydney.

The new training module, DensityED, integrates key technologies from Volpara and DetectED-X.  Volpara has conducted breast density assessments for more than 20 million women in 39 countries. DetectED-X educational platform has shown that repeated use of test sets can lead to 34% improvement in the accuracy.

DensityED takes radiologists through test modules to rate more than 60 mammogram images of various levels of difficulty, and challenges them to classify them in the BI-RADS breast density categories from A-D.  The tool provides immediate feedback on reading performance and highlights the density classifications made by the radiologists and when different, the ground-truth correct classification from Volpara software, enabling readers to identify and correct errors. 

"The partnership with Volpara will result in better education of radiologists and through this, errors will be dramatically reduced and lives will be saved," says Professor Brennan.

Professor Dianne Georgian-Smith, Radiologist, Harvard Medical School stated, “The mammographic test sets and software Professor Brennan and his team have made available through DetectED-X are invaluable to the ongoing education of radiologists and trainees” and Volpara is excited to able to offer this ground breaking education to its clients.

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