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13 Sydney researchers win Heart Foundation fellowships and awards

7 October 2022

Over $1M in grants and honours have been received by Sydney researchers

2022 Heart Foundation grants and honours have been announced, awarding 12 Sydney researchers in the faculty of medicine and health, and 1 from the faculty of science. 

These prestigious awards have just been announced for 2022, with the winning recipients detailed below. A huge congratulation to all of them. 

2022 Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Richard Tan smiling

Dr Richard Tan

Awarded for developing a localised and targeted immunotherapy approach for vascular disease.

2022 Future Leader Fellowship Level 1

stephanie partridge smiling

Dr Stephanie Partridge 

Harnessing the double-edged sword of digital technology to improve cardiovascular health in adolescents.

Vanguard Grants 

Kazuaki Negishi

Professor Kazuaki Negishi

Novel Therapeutic Application of Three-Dimensional Ultrasound and Microbubble to Treat Heart Attack.

Saurabh Kumar

A/Prof Saurabh Kumar

Radiotherapy vs catheter ablation for ventricular tachycardia in advanced structural heart disease: a vanguard multi-centre, randomised controlled trial (RADIOABLATE-VT).

Xuyu Liu

Dr Xuyu Liu

Developing nature-inspired safer anticoagulants for adjunctive thrombolytic therapy.

Xuyu Liu

Dr Ashish Mishra (affiliate)

TGFβ signalling in atherosclerosis: a novel serum biomarker and target of nanomedicine to stabilise unstable plaques.

Dr Lining Ju

Mechanobiology for transcatheter aortic valve implantation cardiac surgery related annular rupture.

Honorary Future Leadership Fellowship 

Dr Liliana Laranjo

Digital models of care and conversational artificial intelligence for cardiovascular disease prevention: what works, for whom, and in what context.

Dr Pierre Qian

(also awarded the 2022 Paul Korner Award for Innovation) 

New technologies for treating life-threatening heart rhythm disorders.

45 and Up Study Awardees

Dr Sarah Zaman

Pregnancy complications linked to heart disease in Australian women.

Dr Mathew Hollings

Physical activity and heart attack risk in Australian adults with no cardiovascular risk factors.

PHD Scholarships

Yunduo Zhao

Paul Geenty