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doctor looking at a mammogram

Breastscreen Reader Assessment Strategy

High quality breast imaging and accurate image assessment
The Breastscreen Reader Assessment Strategy (BREAST) was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Sydney in collaboration with Cancer Institute.

About us

Mammography is the primary diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer with 800,000 women X-rayed annually in Australia. However, it fails to detect 30% of breast cancers, with many missed cancers being visible on the image. The Breastscreen Reader Assessment Strategy (BREAST) monitors mistakes, identify reasons for mammographic errors and create innovative solutions to reduce errors.

Our research

The data generated by BREAST is de-identified and used for further research in the fields of radiology performance, perception science, medical imaging technologies, breast imaging optimisation, and other domains. The resources of BREAST are open to researchers from a wide range of institutions such as Universities, medical research institutes, and industry research groups subject to conditions outlined in this Access Policy.

Our people