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Exams in the Great Hall
Clinical skills laboratory, Hornsby

About Curriculum

In this section you will find various information and publications relating to curriculum from the commencement of the Medical School in 1883. Try your luck answering the questions from our early examination papers, or read the requirements from each of the University Calendars or Faculty of Medicine Handbooks.

We will also build a collection of Feat Furst, the student written publication issued to new medical students each year. If you were a student here and you have retained your copy of Feat Furst and would be happy to donate it to the Faculty for digitisation, please contact Dr Lise Mellor.

Historical Medical Examination Papers

From originals held in University Archives, Fisher Library

Exam paper 1886 page Xc
Try your luck answering questions from our earliest medical examination papers. These examination papers have been copied by decade since the establishment of the Medical School in 1883. Click on the following links to browse through each of the papers.

Faculty of Medicine Handbooks

Originals held in Rare Books, Fisher Library

Faculty of Medicine Handbook 1962
The faculty has published handbooks to accompany their courses since 1962. Click on the link below to browse or download Faculty of Medicine Handbooks from 1962 to 2008.

University of Sydney Calendars

Original Calendars held in Fisher Library, Rare Books and University Archives

First Calendar Cover
The Faculty has documented its curriculum in the University Calendar since 1856. These publications are now available online. Follow the link below to browse or download the University Calendar of your choice as a PDF file or Word document. These Calendars make interesting reading when comparing the curriculum over the years.

Curriculum Matters

From the Office of Medical Education

Curriculum Matters February 2009
Curriculum Matters is a quarterly newsletter from the Office of Medical Education. In essence, we view this newsletter as a means of showcasing the enhancements to the Program and keeping students and staff updated about changes to the curriculum.

USydMP Curriculum Review

2008 UsydMP Curriculum Review cover
In mid-2006, the Dean, Professor Bruce Robinson, initiated a review of the University of Sydney Medical Program, the Faculty's innovative educational flagship introduced a decade ago in 1997. The review has been undertaken by two very senior members of the Faculty, Emeritus Professor Kerry Goulston (formerly Head and Associate Dean of the Northern Clinical School) and Emeritus Professor Kim Oates (formerly Douglas Burrows Professor of Paediatrics and Chief Executive of the Children's Hospital at Westmead). Professors Goulston and Oates have consulted widely and received an enormous number of submissions. The Faculty has been delighted to have such an enthusiastic response to the Review from its own members, its students and members of the community.

The Review's report has recently been printed. If you would like your own printed copy, please contact Rebecca Rock via, or click on the following link to read or download an online version.