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Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Administration Block
Berne, Dagmar with 2nd Year Medical Students 1886
Anderson Stuart, Wilson, MacCormick and Graeme

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In this section you will find an overview of the Faculty of Medicine from its inception in 1856 until 1980. Information relating to the later period will be added as the site develops. Key dates provides a quick snapshot of the chronology of events and developments in the Faculty's history. The historical overview provides more information about each era and what occurred. The additional links will take you to longer articles about the history of the Faculty of Medicine, show you images and photographs relating to that period, and suggest places on campus for you to visit today.

Historical Overview

Key Dates

  • Click on Key dates for a brief chronology of the Faculty from 1856 to today

Coming Soon

  • Information about the Faculty from 1980 to 2000