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Sir Arthur William Morrow
Sir Earl Page
Raymond Arthur Dart examining skull

About People

In this section you will find information about people who have been connected with the Faculty of Medicine sinces its foundation. In Faculty Leadership you will find chronological lists of those who have been key in the development of our Faculty ranging from Deans of the Faculty of Medicine since 1856, Professors of the Faculty of Medicine since 1856, Medically qualified Members of Senate 1850, Medically Qualified Officers of the University 1851 and the Principle Teachers in Medical Subjects before the Establishment of Appropriate Chairs.

We have compiled online Biographies of our alumni and staff. These are listed alphabetically and can be searched by name, or Discipline. Since 1856, some 24,000 students have graduated from our medical courses. Contact the University of Sydney Alumni Office to make an enquiry.

Faculty Leadership

Biographies and Obituaries