Plans for a new medical building

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Shortly after Anderson Stuart's arrival in the Faculty, the Senate appointed a committee to prepare plans and undertake necessary preliminary work for the permanent buildings of the Medical School. The committee met three times and in March 1883 the Professors of Chemistry, Natural History and Anatomy and Physiology submitted rough sketch plans for the requirements of their Departments in the proposed buildings. Rough sketch plans for a building with three joined pavilions and instructions from the committee were given to James Barnet in the Colonial Architect's Office. By November 1884, the plans were finalised and submitted to the Senate for approval. On Anderson Stuart's motion they were approved and an application was immediately made 'for a sum of money sufficient for their completion'.

In the following March, the Fellows of Senate visited the grounds to fix the precise site for the medical school. It was resolved that its eastern fa├žade be aligned with the Great Hall in harmony with the grand complex of buildings to present a balanced vista from the city.[1]