St George Hospital becomes a teaching hospital in 1963

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Between 1963 and 1967, St George Hospital was a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney. It was originally founded as The St George Cottage Hospital in 1892, and by the time fourth-year students began at the school in 1963, the hospital had been enlarged several times. Associate Professor James McRae served as student supervisor. An 1878 Medical Superintendent's building housed the 'old' clinical school, with a new and well-appointed clinical school completed in 1967. It was during this year that St George was also made a teaching hospital for the students of the new Faculty of Medicine at the University of NSW. Students from both campuses shared the clinical facilities whilst the last group of Sydney students finished their final year. They described this as a harmonious and unique experience. Three groups of students from the University of Sydney undertook their clinical experience at St George Hospital at a time in the 1960s when student numbers in the Faculty of Medicine were very large, and clinical facilities and instruction were much needed.[1]