The Macquarie Hospital became teaching hospital for psychiatry in 1969

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The Macquarie Hospital was originally known as the North Ryde Psychiatric Centre and situated on forty hectares of land in North Ryde. In 1969 it became a teaching hospital in Psychiatry for University of Sydney medical students. Ward 12, a Sub-Professorial Unit of forty beds was established at this time, with adjacent University offices. Ward 12 provided an assessment and admission service for patients on the lower north shore, whilst the Sub-Professorial Unit was responsible initially for inpatient care in Ward 12, and the provision of teaching of undergraduates and graduate staff. The Sub-Professorial Unit staff included long-serving Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry Dr Ralph John Schureck, who was later joined by M. McGrath a Clinical Supervisor, and four Clinical Tutors: G. Pohlen, R. Kaneyson, W. Barclay and P. Doherty.[1]