The Parramatta Psychiatric Centre becomes a teaching hospital in 1968

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Prior to 1960 the centre was known as the Parramatta Mental Hospital which was modernised during the 1960s to become The Parramatta Psychiatric Centre. The centre began providing clinical experience for University of Sydney medical students in 1968. Students were supervised by psychiatrists and senior medical staff in relation to their direct experiences of assessing and interviewing patients with common psychiatric disorders. Tutorials were presented on a range of clinical problems, and the scope of texts available in the Centre's medical library were improved and organised to benefit the medical students in particular. The Parramatta Psychiatric Centre was responsible for providing care for psychiatric patients with acute psychiatric disorders, as well as specialised services in geriatric psychiatry, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, community placement and drug and alcohol dependency.[1] In 2008 The Parramatta Psychiatric Centre forms part of Cumberland Hospital.