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How to use the virtual tours

Click on the link below the location you wish to view. Quick Time will open up to enable you the view the virtual tour. Click on the room you wish to view and the virtual tour will automatically move around the room at viewing pace. If you place your mouse on the image you can move around faster or slower, however we have set the default pace to one we think is managable for most viewers and computers.

Front Anderson Stuart Building
Anderson Stuart Building Tours
Front View
Blackburn Building Tours
Ground Level, Bosch
Bosch Building Tours
Front Entrance
Edward Ford Building Tours
Macleay Museum (View 2)
Macleay Building Tours
Nicholson Museum view 1
Nicholson Museum Tours
RPA Museum (View 3)
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Tours

Coming in 2009

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Westmead Hospital