Jane Thogersen

Academic Engagement Curator
BAHIS (Hons) MA Museum Studies MacquarieU
Jane Thogersen

Jane Thogersen has been working with museum collections for over a decade, with a particular interest in building engagement and access across multiple environments, collection types and platforms. Her interest in object-based life-long learning particularly focuses on the way in which university collections can support OBL through innovative and cross disciplinary approaches.

Prior to joining the Chau Chak Wing Museum in 2020 as Academic Engagement Curator, Jane worked as Manager of the Australian History Museum at Macquarie University, where she integrated museum collections into teaching and research across campus, implemented education programs for primary and secondary schools and led cross-disciplinary student and staff team projects; including 3D technologies integration and engagement programs for people with dementia and their carers.

  • Multidisciplinary object-based learning (OBL): strategies, design and impact
  • Life-long learning via museum and collection engagement
  • Benefits of cross-disciplinary student and staff engagement with OBL
  • 3D and other technology-based solutions to museum and collection engagement/outreach
  • Art, social, and historical collections/ ‘objects’ as engagement triggers for people with dementia and other vulnerable community groups.
  • Social responsibility and community-based integration for museums and collections

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Jane Thogersen

Academic Engagement Curator, Chau Chak Wing Museum