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Excursion Bookings and Policies

A bespoke learning experience for your group
Our programs are flexible and adaptable and can be tailored to suit you and your students needs. Talk to us about your excursion today!

Educator-led programs

Our Education Officers are experienced and dynamic educators who delight in bringing the museum to life for your students. Talk to us about your group’s educational needs, and we can match you with a program. These programs often involve hands-on interaction with objects from the collection and will incur a cost. Please contact us to discuss your booking. 



2 hr session is $20 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $200 inc gst
3 hr session is $24 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $240 inc gst
Online program - $275 inc gst for an 80 min session, max 25 students 


2 hr session is $16 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $160 inc gst
3 hr session is $20 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $200 inc gst

Cost (2024 update)


2 hr session is $22 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $220 inc gst
3 hr session is $25 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $250 inc gst
Online program - $275 inc gst for an 80 min session, max 25 students 


2 hr session is $19 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $190 inc gst
3 hr session is $22 inc gst per student – min 10 students or $220 inc gst


Self-guided groups

Admission to the museum is free, and we welcome self-guided groups. Please contact us to make a booking.


Good to know before your Excursion:

We will confirm your excursion via email, please notify us immediately if there are any changes to your booking, including numbers and ensure you have read and understood our cancellation policy


You will be required to confirm the number of students attending the excursion 7 days prior to the date of the booking.  


The entrance to the Museum is located on University Place, directly across from the Great Hall and Quadrangle lawns, and next to Fisher Library. Groups arriving by bus can be dropped off and picked up from the bay in front of the Museum. Upon arrival at the Museum please check in with reception. Our Getting Here page has information about getting to the museum by car or public transport. Please aim to arrive at the 10-15mins before your session start time.

Bags cannot be taken into the museum or education room, and we ask wherever possible large bags are not brought to the museum. Trolleys are available for essential items; please do not bring valuables to the museum. All necessary stationery and equipment will be provided on the day.

Photography is allowed and encouraged inside the museum.

No food or drink; including chewing gum and takeaway coffees may be consumed inside the museum or education room. A water bubbler is available in the museum's forecourt. The museum has its own cafe Sounds, the wider campus also has numerous food and drink outlets should your students need to purchase food and drink. Students will be given a dedicated lunchbreak.

Large groups will be required to divide into groups of 25 or fewer students to allow equitable access to our programs and collections. A teacher or responsible adult is required to accompany each group of 25 students; we do not charge for teachers or supervising parents, carers and guardians.

The Chau Chak Wing Museum is committed to making our space, collections, exhibitions and programs accessible for all audiences.

The Education room, used for hands-on learning, is wheelchair accessible, located close to accessible bathrooms and equipt with a Hearing Loop. Our accessibility page has more information.

Please let us know before your visit if anyone in the group has additional accessibility requirements. We offer unique programs for learning support, ESL and special needs units and can create a program specific to your group.

The Chau Chak Wing Museum has some exhibitions and artefacts which may be distressing to students, including mummified human remains. The museum also houses many images of and objects from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Students will be advised before entering exhibitions such as The Mummy Room and given a choice to enter the space. Please inform us in advance if any of your students have cultural, religious or spiritual sensitivities that we can accommodate.

It is the responsibility of teacher(s) to supervise the behaviour of their students while in the Museum. Students are required to follow the direction of Education Officers and not disrupt other museum patrons. We reserve the right to remove any student who misbehaves or jeopardises the safety of museum patrons, staff or collections. 

We provide venue and safety information document to assist with your risk assessment preparation: 

Venue safety document (pdf, 194KB)

During Covid we are taking additional measures to ensure the safety for our staff and guests: 

Covid Safety Plan (pdf, 127KB)

There is no provision for bus parking on campus, buses may drive on to campus to drop/pick up from the designated bay outside the Museum. Mini-buses which fit in a car park may park on campus. 

There is limited parking around the campus. Casual parking is available at a rate of $4 per hour, up to a maximum charge of $24 for 24 hours.

The payment method depends on the type of machine, with some accepting only credit cards or only coins. Please note that the machines do not provide change, and the University does not offer refunds. You can also pay using the CellOPark app.

Cancellation Policy 

  • Confirmation of your booking, including final numbers, is required 7 days prior to your visit.
  • Any cancellations within 7 days of your booking will be invoiced for 50% of the total booking cost.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing.
  • 'No shows' may be invoiced for 100% of the total booking cost.
  • Schools will be invoiced for the confirmed number of students, unless additional students attend on the day, in which case your invoice will be amended to reflect the additional students.
  • You will be invoiced within 7 days of your visit.
  •  In the event the Chau Chak Wing Museum needs to cancel your booking, all cancellation fees will be waived and best efforts will be made to reschedule to an appropriate date. Cancellation fees will also be waived in the advent of a Public Health Order or Department of Education advice contravening excursions. 

After your visit 

We will invite you provide feedback on your visit and invoice you after your excursion. We will invoice you for the confirmed number of students you provided prior to your excursion.

Featured image (top of the page): Interior view of the museum's skylights. Photo: Brett Boardman

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