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Zoom backgrounds from the Chau Chak Wing Museum collections

1 April 2020
Visit the Parthenon or step into a 20th century painting
We are making 10 images from our Nicholson, Macleay and University Art collections available to use as a background while in video meetings.

With classes, meetings and even after-work drinks moving online, we are making the most of Zoom's 'virtual background' feature and releasing 10 Chau Chak Wing Museum collection images to use as a background.

Zoom meeting with four people

To use the background images:

  • Download your image by clicking through to the Dropbox folder, selecting the image you want to use and clicking 'Download'.
  • While in a Zoom meeting, click the up arrow next to 'Stop Video' and select 'Choose Virtual Background'. 
  • Next to the 'Choose Virtual Background' heading, you will see a '+'. Click this to upload your selection.
  • Your new background should appear behind you!
  • If you have any issues with clarity of the image it may be that your computer's processer is incompatible. Try sitting in front of a neutral background like a white wall. 


Collection images available

Manly Beach, oil painting by Emanuel Phillips Fox

Manly Beach
Emanuel Phillips Fox
Oil on canvas

Parthenon photo by Professor W J Woodhouse

Professor W J Woodhouse
Glass negative

Marine painting by J W Power

J W Power
Oil on canvas

Samoan Flying Fox

Pteropus tonganus Quoy and Gaimard, 1830
[Samoan Flying Fox]
Collected in Fiji, 1865-1880

Photo of the University of Sydney in the late 19th century

Sydney University
Kerry and Co
Glass negative, half plate

Painted Beach scene by Elioth Gruner

[Beach scene]
Elioth Gruner
Oil on board

Ceramic Greek vessel with painted figures

Attic red figure bell krater
Retorted Painter
Athens, Greece

Lithograph of animals and insects coloured with watercolour paints

Page from Sarah Nicholson's scrapbook
Lithograph by John Lewis Marks, coloured with watercolour paints
Lithograph dated 1832

Hand coloured lithograph showing a ruined temple

The temple at Erments
Giovanni Battista Belzoni
Hand coloured lithograph on paper

Butterflies, coloured lithograph

Page from Illustrations of Natural History Volume 3
Author: Dru Drury, 1782
Artist: Moses Harris, pre-1770

Top image: [Parthenon], Professor W J Woodhouse, 1890-1910. Glass negative.

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