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Egyptian-Australian community initiative

The Nicholson Collection includes approximately 5000 Egyptian items, the largest collection in Australia.

The Chau Chak Wing Museum is committed to working with the Egyptian-Australian community to re-think the display, interpretation and presentation of Egypt’s culturally dispersed heritage.

Incorporating Egyptian perspectives, narratives and voices in our displays will show that there are multiple histories to be understood about Egypt’s past, and foster a sense of belonging and pride for Egyptian-Australians in their heritage.

Our museum wants to continue building on our relationships with the Egyptian-Australian community in order to activate the collection as an extension of the community, and work collaboratively together to provide new insights into ancient and modern Egypt.

In 2022 the curators of the Nicholson Collection and our research partners from the Egypt's Dispersed Heritage Project, Heba Abd Al-Gawad and Alice Stevenson, invited members of the Egyptian-Australian community to a weekend long focus group to discuss the ways in which Egyptian heritage is interpreted and ways forward for participation. In 2023, we aim to grow our community connections, particularly focusing on on-campus participation.

Connecting with community on campus

We are currently seeking members of the Sydney Egyptian-Australian community to participate in this initiative. Individuals are asked to arrange a meeting with the curators for an introduction to the Museum before taking a self-guided tour of the current exhibitions The Mummy Room and Pharaonic Obsessions: Ancient Egypt, an Australian Story. Participants will be asked to complete a survey on completion of their visit, which will contribute to future planning and engagement.

To organise a time to participate, or find out more, please email Melanie Pitkin.

A group of adult people, of mixed ages and multiple genders, sit aroud a table filled with pot it notes and pens. They are smiling and talking.

In 2022, members of the Egyptian-Australian community participated in a weekend focus group at work at the Chau Chak Wing Museum auditorium.