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Con student walking in the atrium

Our people

Meet our world-class researchers and educators

Our staff are award-winning scholars and acclaimed musicians with strong industry connections in Australia and around the world.

Senior executive leadership

Headshot of Professor Anna Reid

Professor Anna Reid

Dean and Head of School

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Headshot of Professor Matthew Hindson

Professor Matthew Hindson

Deputy Head of School, Deputy Dean and Associate Dean (Education)

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Portrait photo of Professor Neal Peres Da Costa

Professor Neal Peres Da Costa

Associate Dean (Research)

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Headshot of Associate Professor Kathleen Nelson

Associate Professor Kathleen Nelson

Associate Dean (Research Education); Program Leader PhD 

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Associate Professor Myfany Turpin

Associate Professor Myfany Turpin

Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Services)

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Ms Sue Newsome

Ms Sue Newsome

Associate Dean (Student Life)

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Headshot of Adrienne Sach

Adrienne Sach

School General Manager

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  • Dr Vladimir Gorbach
    Bachelor of Music (Performance)
  • Associate Professor Charles Fairchild 
    Bachelor of Arts (Music Major) and Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Music Practice)
  • Dr Kevin Hunt
    Bachelor of Music (Improvised Music)
    Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance)
  • Dr Alan Maddox
    Bachelor of Music (Musicology Major) and Master of Music (Musicology)
  • Associate Professor Stephanie McCallum
    Postgraduate Coursework (Performance)
  • Associate Professor Helen Mitchell
    Postgraduate Research (Performance)
  • Dr Daniel Rojas
    Bachelor of Music (Composition)
    Bachelor of Music (Composition for Creative Industries)
    Bachelor of Music (Digital Music and Media)
    Postgraduate Research (Composition)
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley 
    Bachelor of Music (Music Education) and Master of Music (Music Education)