23 attendees of Pacific Alliance of Music Schools stand together in front of a building

Pacific Alliance of Music Schools

Building music education and culture
Sydney Conservatorium of Music is proud to be a member of the Pacific Alliance of Music Schools (PAMS) with leading music schools across Asia and the Pacific.


Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Beijing Central Conservatory of Music co-hosted the inaugural Asia-Pacific Music Summit in Sydney in April 2014. Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Dean Dr Karl Kramer described the conference as “a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with our peers from the region’s top conservatoriums and discuss best practices in music education and performance. While we all assume the Western music tradition of teaching, each institution is mutually exclusive in terms of how it operates. We are 13 unique case studies, each with different expertise to share. The summit is a starting point to forming stronger human connections between the institutions to encourage greater and more regular dialogue across the region.”

The second PAMS Summit in Beijing focused on chamber music, with a number of collaborative concerts between the many music schools, featuring four string students and Professor Ole Bohn from Sydney.

The third PAMS Summit in Singapore focused on collaborations through composition and music technology, and a strategic look at graduate outcomes for music students and whether the curriculum supported this.

The fourth PAMS Summit in Auckland focused on piano pedagogy, and a strategic look at joint music degrees, staff and student exchange, student employability and preparing students to be a portfolio music.

The fifth PAMS Summit in Los Angeles focused on international engagement and how to make our schools unique and reflective of the musical environment around us. Particularly important was the forming of a sub-committee of international officers from the participating music schools to foster improved communication about exchange and project collaborations.

The sixth PAMS Summit in Seoul focused on sharing international short-term and exchange program information, while keeping our schools distinct. It was great to have the sub-committee of international affairs managers meet again to share information and consolidate communications between the participating music schools.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PAMS Summit was postponed from 2020-2022.

The seventh PAMS Summit was held in Melbourne from 20-23 May 2023.