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Creative Arts Special Admission Scheme (CASAS)

Secure your place at uni early
Did you know you can apply to study at the Con before you get your ATAR? If you’ve got the talent and the dedication, we want you.

Domestic applicants undertaking a current recognised high school (Year 12) qualification and applying via UAC, may be eligible for an early offer of admission prior to the release of ATARs, or equivalent score under the University’s Creative Arts Special Admission Scheme (CASAS). Eligible applicants will be assessed based on a combination of academic performance and audition requirements.   

Am I eligible?

This scheme applies to domestic Year 12 students wishing to apply for selected music degrees commencing from 2021. You must be undertaking a recognised Year 12 qualification in the current year to be eligible to apply and receive an early offer. All offers will require applicants to complete their high school qualification. The scheme does not apply to non-recent school leavers.  

What music degrees are available under CASAS?

The degrees available under the new admissions scheme are: 

The following degrees are not available under CASAS: Bachelor of Music (Music Education) and Bachelor of Music degrees combined with the Bachelor of Advanced Studies.  

I am completing the HSC in NSW. How can I apply?

HSC students in NSW must have lodged a UAC application by the relevant deadlines for August Round 2 or October Round 1 and have met the additional admission criteria, such as an interview and/or audition.

Audition registration closes on 18 September 2020. You must have an eligible course listed as your first preference by the relevant deadline. As such, for most of NSW Year 12 HSC students, no separate application is required, and their Year 11 results and predicted ATAR will be obtained through UAC.  

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on your audition and interview, as well as your Year 11 and 12 academic results to date.   

What if I am doing a Year 12 qualification other than the HSC in NSW?

If you’re undertaking a Year 12 qualification other than the HSC in NSW, then you need to submit your academic results directly to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music through the online audition portal. You must provide school ratings and reports and meet the additional admission criteria, such as an interview and/or audition by 18 September 2020.   

What if I do not receive an early offer?

Early offers will be made to students who satisfy all audition and admission requirements. If you are not eligible to receive an early offer, you may still be eligible for an offer in the standard “main round” offer in December (UAC December Round 2) once your ATAR has been released.  All offers will require applicants to complete their Year 12.  

When will CASAS offers be made?

If successful for an early offer, you will receive the offer from UAC on 27 August or 9 October 2020, prior to your HSC exams commencing.

What if I want to undertake my chosen degree in combination with the Bachelor of Advanced Studies?

You can apply to transfer from the single bachelor’s degree into the combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies later in your degree. Alternatively, you can also wait until the UAC December Round 2 once ATARs have been released, if you wish to enter the combined degree directly.   

What if I have more questions?

Please email