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Music major

Study music in your chosen degree
Students from across the University of Sydney can also study music. Our courses cover a broad range of music genres and the way these shape our thinking and practice.

Are you interested in studying music while gaining expertise in another degree, such as arts, science or business? Music is offered through the University’s shared pool of majors and minors, and is an ideal addition to your degree.

The broad focus of our music major means we welcome students from a wide range of musical and non-musical backgrounds. When you study music with us, you can:

  • choose from a range of engaging music electives
  • develop practical skills in the language of music, composition or performance
  • join one of our ensembles.

Our staff are award-winning scholars and acclaimed musicians with strong industry connections in Australia and around the world. Meet our academic staff.

Our courses are designed both for students who intend to make music their profession and those who will pursue other careers. Career opportunities for a music major can include:

  • music festival manager
  • music program curator
  • concert manager
  • event producer
  • music journalist
  • arts administrator
  • artist agent
  • government policy officer
  • media and communications officer
  • music researcher
  • music licence manager

What are my study options with the music major?

You can study the music major or minor in any degree which includes access to the shared pool of majors and minors (also known as Table S). No audition is required.

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Rachel Drubetsky

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Bachelor of Psychology (Music Major), second year
"I’m studying psychology with a major in music and hope to become a neurological music therapist or a psychologist using music within my practice."
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