Music teacher conducting a small group of students on strings and woodwind
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Music education

Inspire and instil a love of music in the next generation
Music educators train the musicians of tomorrow. Our professionally recognised music education degree will immerse you in performance, voice, composition and the very latest in teaching techniques and technology.

What is music education?

The best music teachers know how to connect with their class and develop each student to their full potential. While teaching the fundamentals and conventions of the language of music, good teachers also engender a sense of curiosity, experimentation and musical exploration among their students.

Music teachers are strong communicators of knowledge; they're sensitive to the needs of their students but not afraid to challenge them to be the best they can be.

Our professionally recognised music education program, accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority, will prepare you for a career as a music teacher in both primary and secondary schools. You will develop teaching skills through studies in:

  • curriculum
  • educational psychology
  • the key ideas and approaches to music education
  • choral and instrumental pedagogy
  • music technology. 

Cultural diversity, including the study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands Music, and field-based experience are central to the program. Professional experience placements in schools will also play a vital part in your development when studying Music Education.

We are a dedicated music school with expert practitioners and excellent facilities. Our music education degree offers impressive breadth and depth.

  • We focus on popular, classical, Australian, jazz, folk or world musics.
  • Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands unit of study incorporates high-profile guests including indigenous performers of note as well as composers and educators.
  • Technology, creativity exploration and music theory are woven into our units.
  • Our students graduate equipped with an ePortfolio providing evidence of learning and professional practice, confirming that you are ready for the workplace.
  • You’ll gain a recognised teaching qualification that can lead to salaried work before you even graduate.
  • Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs have a basis in the practical experience and research strengths of our music education staff.

This degree equips you to become a:

  • high school music teacher
  • primary school music specialist teacher
  • private studio teacher
  • music teacher in rural and remote communities.

What are my study options with music education?

Primary and secondary teaching Professional Experience

Professional Experience (practice teaching) is integral to the music specialist secondary school teacher education degree offered by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at the University of Sydney, namely the Bachelor of Music (Music Education) and the Master of Music (Music Education). Professional Education placements commence in Year 2 in the undergraduate degree, culminating in, respectively, a nine- and seven-week block in the final semester of study, and Year 1 for the Postgraduate degree.  

The Professional Experience team at the Conservatorium, under the academic direction of Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley, builds partnerships with schools that offer Professional Experience placements. One of the major advantages of becoming a placement school is that the Conservatorium provides free enrolment for school-based professional experience coordinators and music teachers in the About Music Education workshops/lectures.

Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright with violin and microphone
Bachelor of Music (Music Education)
"I’m interested in teaching music in rural and remote areas of Australia as well as Aboriginal communities. I hope one day to get top-quality music education out to these communities and spend time on songwriting programs."
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